A vermicomposter for every household producing a lot of organic waste. The WormBag makes harvesting finest fertilizer easy and respects the natural continuous ecosystem of compost worms. Enjoy the new way of home composting!

What Is the Urban Worm Bag?

The Urban Worm Bag is a small-scale continuous flow worm composting bin designed to turn your kitchen and office waste into an incredibly effective organic fertilizer and soil amendment called worm castings.

The Bag itself is built from a strong 900D Oxford fabric and is suspended from a sturdy metal frame with reinforced plastic connectors.

You simply feed from the top and harvest your worm castings from the bottom in a few short months.

What comes in the box

In your box you will recieve The Breathable Worm bag plus the easily set up frame.
The Worm Bag is  €159 plus  €13 shipping to anywhere in Ireland2kg of Irish FarmedComposting worms in substrate for  €80
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